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Trading platform

Trading platform

The “Marketplace” section contains information about published applications for the purchase or sale of goods. The system allows you to choose a convenient option for displaying cards of published orders in the trading platform catalog.

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Price monitoring

Price monitoring

Monitoring reflects the dynamics of purchase prices of processing and grain trading organizations. The schedule is based on prices RUR/t excluding VAT. The data is updated weekly and is the basis for calculating the Producer Price Index (PPI).

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Agriculture news

Agriculture news

The most up-to-date information on the state of the Russian agro-industrial complex. Latest agricultural news. Agricultural market. Reviews and analytics.

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Talk audio news

Audio agricultural news

Fork Cast is a convenient and accessible format for communication, education and entertainment that allows listeners to enjoy content on their schedule and on their device.

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Checking counterparties

Checking counterparties

Signs of a company's activity may indirectly indicate its reliability. Trademarks, licenses, passed inspections — these facts make it possible to make sure that the counterparty works not only on paper.

Selection HS code

Selection HS code

All goods transported across the border must undergo customs declaration. To do this, a declaration is submitted to the Federal Customs Service, where each imported or exported product is assigned a specific code of the Commodity Nomenclature of Foreign Economic Activity.

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Fork Work

Fork Work

Knowledge is tools. Learn to use them from the masters of our field and achieve your goals. An experienced specialist will select the necessary literature, explain theoretical material, control the process of writing your scientific work, and explain what you should pay attention to.

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News incubator

News incubator

The news incubator collects information from many sources, filters it and provides users with only the most important and interesting things. Thanks to this, people can be aware of all events happening in the world and quickly respond to them.

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The new service will help find sellers and buyers of agricultural products around the world. You can post information on it for free. All information on the site is checked for accuracy using a verification system.

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Monitoring of prices for agricultural products

Information about producer prices for sold agricultural products. Information about the purchase prices of agricultural products from other regions.

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